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Introduction Webinar to CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim

The HWPA has a new partner! Mechanical Simulation has joined the HyperWorks Partner Alliance with their solution suite BikeSim, CarSim, and TruckSim. Attend this 45 minute webinar to learn about MSC along with their software and how it can be applied to your current and future projects.

About Mechanical Simulation
Mechanical Simulation Corporation was founded in 1996 to make simulation technology developed in the course of 30 years of research available to the automotive community.
About CarSim
CarSim simulates the dynamic behavior of passenger cars, racecars, light trucks, and utility vehicles.
About BikeSim
BikeSim is a VehicleSim tool specifically designed to simulate the dynamic behavior of motorcycles and scooters for engineers who do not have the months or years necessary to learn to use older simulation methods.
About TruckSim
TruckSim is a software tool for simulating and analyzing the dynamic behavior of medium to heavy trucks, buses and articulated vehicles.